Q. If enrolled in the Academy, is Blackhawk my home district? 

A. No. The school district of your residence is your home district. 


Q. Will I be able to participate in after-school activities in my home district? 

A. Yes. 

Q. What performance opportunities will I have? 

A. Students will participate in one or more large ensemble(s) at Blackhawk, seasonal performances, workshops, and potential performances with professional musicians. 

Q. If I enter the academy as a sophomore, junior, or senior, what will my schedule look like? 

A. Pending the Musicianship Exam, students will be placed at the appropriate level for their readiness. All ensembles and small group instructional ensembles will be as scheduled. 

Q. Where will I graduate? 

A. Upon fulfilling academic requirements, the high school diploma will be awarded by the home school district. 




If you are not a student at Blackhawk and would like further information on attending the Music Academy at Blackhawk, please contact Ms. Maura Underwood.