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About the Academy

The Blackhawk High School Music Academy is a program designed for students in grades 9 through 12 who have a passion for music. Students from around the county who enroll in the Academy will be able to further develop their musical talents while still having a rigorous academic program designed to meet their academic needs.


The music program will focus on performance as well as music theory, technology and history. Students will have options to excel in a chosen specialty, such as voice, instrumental, or strings, with their performance skills being developed in both large and small group ensembles. Academics include the option for Advanced Placement classes.


Students who participate in the Music Academy for four years will graduate with a certificate of completion from Blackhawk and a diploma from their home district.

The Blackhawk High School Music Academy provides dedicated high school musicians a means of advanced study. Students will participate in a comprehensive music and academic program, which includes performance, musicianship, enrichment, and core classes. 

The Academy will prepare students for further study and provide opportunities for professional and personal development in the field of music.

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