Instrumental Music
Students who are enrolled in the Music Academy for instrumental music have the opportunity to perform with the award-winning Blackhawk High School Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Indoor Percussion Ensemble, and String Orchestra. 

Vocal Music
Students who are enrolled in the Music Academy for vocal music sing with the award-winning Concert Choir, Academy Choir and are offered the opportunity to perform with Expressions (traveling choir) and the Spring Musical.

Private Lessons
All Academy students receive private lesson instruction from one of Blackhawk’s three music instructors. Within the lessons, students refine technique and artistry and are exposed to challenging repertoire. When not in lesson instruction, students are able to practice in both individual and group settings.

Musicianship is a comprehensive approach to music theory, ear training, analysis, composition, and sight singing. Blackhawk offers 4 levels of Musicianship to all Academy students, including Musicianship I, II, AP Music Theory, and Independent Study. Enrolling applicants take a placement test during their audition. 

Piano is offered as a complement to Musicianship I. As the students learn the theory for notes, key signatures, scales, and chords, they apply that theory on the piano. Each student is also given repertoire for their readiness level to enhance their skills. 

Music Technology
Music Technology I is a semester course which allows students at Blackhawk High School the opportunity to study the construction and implementation of music through electronic means. Students will work with music technology to create various electronic music files and learn the basics of music editing with a concentration with the music programs Finale 2012 & Cubase. 

Music Technology II is a continuation of the skills learning in MT-I and covers the subject in detailed terms and projects.

Throughout the year, professional performers, educators, artists, and musical groups are brought in for master classes and instruction. In workshops, students have time to work and perform with these professionals as well as access information from their differentiated fields of music. 

Past presenters have included: 
Julian Bliss

Dr. Melinda Perrtu, Strings Professor at Westminster College 
Becki Toth, named Pittsburgh’s Best Local Actress, 2011

Cuddle Magic

Cello Fury

“Music Academy has made my high school experience so much more enjoyable. It lets me take all the classes 

I want to take instead of the ones I have to take. 

I get to do what I love to do everyday, and I get to better prepare myself for my future.” 

“Music Academy is great! I cannot believe how much I learned in such a short period of time! When I started Music Academy, I didn’t know if  I’d like it or if it was right for me, but joining Music Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I look forward to going to the classes every day, and it has exposed me to the different career opportunities that I will be able to consider in the future. If you love music, I would strongly recommend for you to consider this great opportunity!”